The PreciseLift treatment in Stirling

I am Patricia Manson and people come to me for the ultimate natural-looking non-surgical face-lift. I call this the PreciseLift. 


The Precise Lift is a non surgical facelift exclusive to Precise Medical Aesthetics. It involves 5 key elements:

By combining elements of these 5 gold standard anti-ageing procedures in one platinum treatment we can give you an overall lift that looks completely natural. Results are subtle, yet highly effective.




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Silhouette Soft® is a non-surgical, minimally invasive treatment to redefine facial contours with immediate results*. Learn more.

Fantastic results of Silhouette Soft as part of the PreciseLIFT

Claire at 59 years old had a Silhouette Soft Thread Lift.

Before After

Discover Silhouette Soft®

Silhouette Soft® represents the state of the art suspension suture that opens up new treatment options for men and women.

Are you looking for:

Redefined Jawline?
Improved skin laxity?
Immediate results that last?

all with minimal downtime

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