For the first time in the last year I can look in the mirror and like what I see
Sept 2016

Patricia Manson


Founder of Precise Medical Aesthetics, Patricia Manson qualified in Dentistry in 1989 and began practising facial aesthetics in 2010 in Bannockburn Dental Practice – she opened her clinic, Spa @ Bannockburn in 2013, and was rebranded as Precise Medical Aesthetics in 2017.

Aesthetics provides a platform which enables Patricia to combine her knowledge of facial anatomy with her love of art. Her integrity and eye for detail are also very important qualities required in any reputable clinician. Patricia’s vision ensures that the clinic is dedicated to providing a high-quality, professional environment for patients who want a personalised service. She makes sure every practitioner spends time getting to know each patient, listening carefully, and giving full attention to their individual needs.

Patricia is registered with the General Dental Council (Registration 64818) and a member of the British Dental Association and Association of Scottish Aesthetic Practitioners.

Lyn Craw


Lyn’s early career as a dental nurse may seem quite detached from that of a facial aesthetician. However, it was here that Lyn honed her impeccable attention to detail and meticulous methodology.

Lyn has gained a highly sought-after reputation within the aesthetics industry owing to her thirst for knowledge and her undeniable passion for ‘all things skin’. Lyn believes that education is the first step in achieving skin goals. She has handpicked our range of powerful cosmeceutical products, which, when used correctly, achieve wonderful results. It is Lyn’s role to educate our patients in the use of these products. Like an alchemist, she has a talent to know exactly what to use and when – our very own skin magician. Lyn is a great teacher – methodical, precise, and expects results.

Jacqueline Archibald

Semi-Permanent Make-Up artist

Jacqueline has worked in the beauty industry for over 22 years and carved out a career which spans the globe. From salon ownership to spa management, Jacqueline has worked not only in the UK, but also in the USA and Australia.

On her return to Scotland, she opened her own semi-permanent make-up studio. The semi-permanent (micropigmentation) cosmetics industry is a global business with many different processes and practitioners out there. Jacqueline’s attention to detail and exceptional eye for pigment choice are what make her to stand out from the crowd. Her skill provides clients with a simple and effective way to subtly enhance their appearance and boost their self-confidence. A consummate professional, she strives for perfection and is continually re-training to ensure her clients receive the very best treatments available.

You can check out Jacqueline’s fab work at glamourink.co.uk

Dori Houston

BA (Hons) Interior Architecture

A qualified designer, Dori spent the first part of her career working with large corporate businesses, space planning their buildings. Her role combined a flair for design with a strong skill for finding shared empathies within teams. She has maintained her focus on soft skills, interpersonal skills and communication throughout her career, and this fits very naturally within the field of facial aesthetics.

Dori began working within Precise Medical Aesthetics in 2015 and it is her role to ensure that the patient journey is not only a pleasurable one, but an informed one. Her presence and support is felt throughout – from the first tentative questions all the way through to treatment, and beyond. It is Dori who makes sure that aftercare is never an afterthought for our patients.


Queen of the Filla

PRECilla joined the team at Precise Medical Aesthetics because of what she represents. She may be small, but she has power – much like our clinic. We have boutique proportions, but offer treatments that are the height of industry.  She represents quality, reassurance, and of course, good looks.

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