At Precise Medical Aesthetics we believe in feeding the skin from within. This helps achieve radiant skin and a healthy glow in addition to applying clinically-proven products topically. Consequently our patients use Advanced Nutrition Programme.

What is Advanced Nutrition Programme?

This is a cutting edge nutritional system that supports topical skincare regimes. These premium quality nutritional supplements enable a truly holistic approach to skincare. Therefore, most of our patients are taking these supplements to treat problems like dryness, excess oil or congested skin. This even includes the signs of ageing! And our patients love their results!

High quality vitamin supplements are clinically proven to be better for your skin than topical creams. Furthermore, these Advanced Nutrition nutraceuticals feed the deeper layers of the skin as well as nourishing the skin over the entire body. We can demonstrate this with Nadine in our patient profile below.

Patient Profile

Nadine Grant is a make-up artist from Stirling. She suffered from patches of dry skin for many years due to psoriasis. In fact, she covered her legs for many years due to embarrassment about their appearance. She also had tried many prescribed medications as well as light therapy treatment at her local hospital.

Nadine noticed an improvement within weeks using Advanced Nutrition Programme.

She started taking Advanced Nutrition supplements in April 2018 and within a few weeks began to see an improvement; Nadine began to notice the dry skin clearing up on her legs, arms face and scalp. She took these pictures of her legs herself at the start of the programme and then 6 weeks later. As a result of taking the supplements her skin has been clear since summer 2018 and she has maintained her healthy glow ever since.

Nadine talks about the impact Advanced Nutrition has had on her life

What Advanced Nutrition products gave Nadine this success?

Nadine uses a combination of Advanced Nutrition Skin Omegas and  Skin Vitality 1. Skin Omegas is a combination of omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids which support skin integrity and health. Research shows that taking essential fatty acid supplements significantly increases skin hydration. She also uses Skin Vitality 1 is a combination of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and plant extracts to support healthy skin, hair, nails and total body well-being.

Each product in the Advanced Nutrition range is designed to work and balance with other products in the series.

What do Advanced Nutrition supplements contain?

Advanced Nutrition Programme nutraceuticals are designed to provide optimum daily amounts of Vitamins, minerals and other vital elements to support a healthy lifestyle and help maintain a glowing complexion. In addition, each product is designed to work and balance with other products in the series.

Also the products contain ingredients in forms that are easily absorbed by the body. Moreover, there are no artificial colours, flavourings, sweeteners and gluten and, where possible, only the most natural components are used.

Are they ethical products?

What I also love about these products is that they are carefully monitored for purity. And also, the capsules are also organic and ethically sourced and packaged.

Where can I buy these products?

You cannot buy these supplements in the shops but they are available at Precise Medical Aesthetics. Firstly, our staff are highly trained and secondly, they are very knowledgeable and can provide a free skin consultation to assess your skin’s needs and identify the products that will give your skin the best results. If you would like an appointment call 01786 812852 or book online at