” When I retired I felt I looked tired and sad. I felt that my face betrayed me – I looked older than I felt inside. My daughter was also getting married and I was determined it was time for me to spend money on myself. To feel good about myself.
Patricia had been my dentist for 20 years and I already had great trust in her.
Following a consultation I embarked on a journey to reinstate my own self-confidence. Over the following 18 months, I had several aesthetic and skin procedures carried out by Patricia and Lyn. All with great results! I had lots of discussion and attention along the way. I also changed my skin care regime under Lyn’s guidance with amazing results.
My journey culminated in a Silhouette Soft thread lift skilfully placed by Patricia in June 2018. This transformed me! I am thrilled with my refreshed and re-defined look. I don’t look tired any more and my resting face does not look sad. In fact every area has been lifted,
I feel and look like a new woman. I can’t thank Patricia and Lyn enough for their expert skills, advice and Dori for her constant reassurance and encouragement’’

Claire King, September 2018

Do you look tired when you look in the mirror?

Would you like to look younger and feel better about yourself? Claire felt exactly the same. Look at her now!

This was her journey with Precise Medical Aesthetics. https://www.precisemedical.co.uk/non-surgical-facelift/

Claire began her transformation in March 2016 ahead of her daughter’s wedding. She had subtle treatments to produce this result over the following 2 and a half years;

  • treatment with semi-permanent make-up on her brows. This immediately animated her face and made her look younger. Replacing the colour by tattooing the brows can be quite rejuvenating
  • subtle cheek enhancement using dermal fillers
  • dermal fillers gently administered to reduce sunken, dark eyes and improve marionette lines, jowls and reduce the scar in the frown area
  • tiny botulinum injections to relax forehead and around her eyes
  • lip enhancement to subtly add volume to the ageing lips
  • micro-needling and skin peels to improve skin quality and produce firmness and collagen
  • Image Skincare to make the skin glow
  • Silhouette Soft threads to subtly but non-surgically lift her cheeks and jowls further, promote collagen formation and prevent them dropping in the next few years

Claire is delighted with her result and believes it has boosted her self-confidence as she gets older. As the years have rolled on hasn’t her face become younger? 

Treatment by Patricia Manson BDS and skin treatments by Aesthetician Lyn Craw and Image Products. Eyebrows by Glamourink. Encouragement moral support from Dori Houston!

Time for you!

Before and  After The Precise Lift

Claire’s after photos were taken one week after her thread lift. Slight bruising is still evident on her cheeks.

What is the PRECISE LIFT?

It is a subtle non-surgical face-lift treatment designed especially for you and may include…

Silhouette Soft Thread lift
Dermal filler ( amount varies per person)
Image MD skin products as home care
•3 sessions of Dermalux LED light therapy

PRICE varies due to age and lifestyle and is available upon consultation.
Consultation and treatment carried out by dentist and clinic owner/director Patricia Manson BDS

Before and After The Precise Lift